Healthy Resolution: 2015

For me, resolutions about what not to do have never really worked. Likewise when I’ve focused on “what” I will or won’t do, as opposed to “why.” However, the healthy resolution below, made to myself many years ago, has brought vibrant health, sustained energy, and incredibly positive ripple effects into other parts of my life. Set aside the time to thoughtfully prepare your food (it takes less than you think, particularly once you get going), and consciously consume it. Your health and your life will change.

Commitment CandlesWant a reminder? I’m happy to send you a set of 6 of the small votive candles I light each time I start a meal at home or at work – a gentle push that reminds me to slow down and create and consume the food consciously. $15 includes free shipping within the continental US: Set of 6 Commitment Candles. Happy 2015, everyone!

Healthy Resolution 2015 - Jennifer Silverberg


  1. rose mckinney says

    Love your resolution Jennifer and will try and follow it.
    Also, will start using the candles while eating. I really think that will help me slow down and enjoy my food.


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