7 Tips in 7 Days: Eating Consciously, Day 3

This may be my favorite “eating consciously tip” ever!

When people say, “I’m trying to cut out (insert favorite junk food here)”, I remind them that thinking “I can’t have this treat” feels like punishment, but raising your food standards is empowering. Or to say it another way, what marketers have sold to you as a TREAT is actually a TRICK.

7 Tips in 7 Days, Day 3

– posted by Jennifer Silverberg, Eat Yourself Well!

7 Tips in 7 Days: Eating Consciously, Day 1

One of the first steps to healthier eating is to become more aware of what and when you’re eating.

For most of us (me included), mealtimes can devolve into a handful here, a handful there … and before you know it, you’re full and you don’t even really remember enjoying food at all! One simple step to help break this pattern is to commit to lighting a candle before taking a bite, any time you have a meal or snack. This one small change has helped lead many people to seemingly effortless changes in their habits … simply by bringing awareness and focus to the food in front of them.

7 Days of Eating Consciously, Day 1

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NOTE: If you love the sea glass candle shown in the graphic, click here to see how to make one.