Gardening – One great reason why … and three ways to keep it super-simple!

Why garden?

That’s one great reason to try gardening … and then there’s money savings, taste, nutrition, and I could go on and on! However, I struggle with it for years until I realized the three things that made it workable for me (a crazy busy mom with a career or two going on).

1. Forego digging … forever. The best thing I ever did was buy my handheld tiller (I use this super-simple Mantis), which gets me to the fun part, faster. When I used to have to face down hours with the shovel, and the resulting clods of dirt/clay (I live in GA), I tended to put off planting until it was too late. Oh, and your back will thank you, too.

2. Select a manageable number of plants, and stick to those few. When I bought “a little of everything,” and just stuck it in the ground and hoped for the best, about half of it failed. Now, we stick to the 5 (for me, that’s the magic number) foods that my family loves the most in the summer, and then plant greens around them for the fall. You can always trade with friends who are growing other things, and supplement at the farmer’s market.

3. Use soaker hoses. Buy enough non-toxic hoses (here’s why) – once – to lay them down your rows of plants, and leave them there the whole growing season. Dragging a hose all around your garden is a daily … drag. Setting them up once is an hour or so project. After that, all you have to do is turn on the hose for a bit, and then remember to turn it off (set a timer if you’re anything like me).

That’s what helped me – hope it helps you get gardening this season!

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Hooray Puree – what a FABULOUS idea!

67932_10151715737643452_1158072760_nI heard about this new product a few days ago, and I am SO excited!  100% natural vegetable purees that you can quickly and easily slide into favorite foods.  Not that it’s THAT hard to cook up carrots, spinach, or sweet potatoes … but this makes them portable, quick and excuse-proof!

Check out their recipe section for some great ideas, and definitely don’t miss the Butternut Squash and Walnut Dip!

Hooray Purée is now sold at Whole Foods, and they’re celebrating by giving away a $500 gift card.  Click on the graphic above, or here: $500 Whole Foods Gift Card to enter.

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