About Eat Yourself Well

Eat Yourself Well is your source for information and inspiration to help you want to choose foods that make you radiantly happy and healthy!  It’s time to Eat Yourself Well!

Jennifer Silverberg - Eat Yourself WellThe primary voice behind Eat Yourself Well is Jennifer Silverberg, whose interest in nutrition began in 8th grade (when Jennifer’s constant refrain of “my Health teacher said” became a family joke).  

Since then, Jennifer has spent 20+ years as a Marketing and New Product Development executive, consultant and entrepreneur across multiple food and non-food industries, including adult and child nutrition, packaged foods, and much more. She had an insider’s view as food marketers and other influencers successfully eroded the very meaning of the word “food,” resulting in today’s twisted version of what constitutes an “acceptable,” or “normal” diet, and “acceptable” or “normal” health.  

Frustrated with the resulting decline in our collective energy levels, ability to focus, immunity, and overall health, Jennifer has dedicated the balance of her career to helping people use the same tools marketers use to drive bad choices, to instead make healthy choices easily and effortlessly.

Jennifer’s dream:  that one day it will be as socially unacceptable to give a child lab-created-sugar-and-chemically-filled-junk-food as it is today to hand them a cigarette.  

Jennifer is available for questions (she will not give individual health advice, but will help with behavior change), media inquiries, or speaking engagements. Please email her here.

Important Note: What we are NOT

We are NOT doctors, and what you read here (or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter) should not replace the advice of your health professional. Having said that, great doctors welcome patients who are proactive about their lifestyle choices, and who seek more than “absence of disease” … who insist on vibrant health. We hope you find ideas here that you can use to build wellness that will make both you and your doctor proud!