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Keep it Simple Sunday!

Anthony Bourdain

The simplest foods are usually the tastiest, healthiest, and most beautiful - as Anthony Bourdain says so well. Links to a few of my … [Read More...]

Build Your Hydration Habit

Hydration Habit

Everything works better when you drink enough water: your brain, your heart, your skin, your immune system, your liver, etc. It's easier to … [Read More...]

Healthy Vitality

High Vitality Life

Because you want to squeeze every bit of vitality you can out of the one-and-only body you get in this lifetime! … [Read More...]

Martin Luther King, Jr. – On Interconnectedness

Martin Luther King

A reminder that our lives are richly interconnected in ways that are worth appreciating and savoring. Happy Martin Luther King day. … [Read More...]

Crowd Out, Don’t Cut Out

Crowd Out, Don't Cut Out

Successful changes always start with focusing on what we will do, not what we're going to stop. Fill your plate with so much beautiful … [Read More...]

Love Limes? Here’s Why!

Love Limes? Here's Why!

Maybe this is what is behind that margarita craving you had last night? :-) Lime juice/pulp is a delicious addition to smoothies, salad … [Read More...]

Less is More

Alice Waters - Less is More

When it comes to food, less is definitely more. Simple foods simply prepared are FAR more satisfying than the Standard American Diet (SAD), … [Read More...]

Only the best for your one amazing body!

Good Enough for Me!

Refuse to settle for anything less than the best, for the one and only amazing body you get in this lifetime! … [Read More...]

The Problem with “Moderation”

The Problem With Moderation

I've lost count of how many times people (not the healthy ones), have tried to dismiss health information by saying, "I just believe in … [Read More...]

EAT your labels!

Eat the package

Food labels are a hot topic - nutritionists and the FDA urge us to read them, know the ingredients, and use that knowledge to make healthy … [Read More...]