7 Tips in 7 Days: Eating Consciously, Day 4

It’s no secret that we’re a world hooked on sugar. In the US:

  • The average adult eats 130 lbs of sugar a year, which is more than 4 times what we ate 100 years ago.
  • The American Heart Association recommends an upper limit of 9.5 tsp of sugar per day, but the average adult consumes 22 tsp and the average child, 32 (yes, higher than adults!).
  • Added sugars (those not present in whole foods) account for 500 calories per day in the average adult’s diet.
  • Excess sugar intake is linked to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, acne, depression, violent behavior, increased risk of cancer, chronic fatigue, migraines, and more.
  • So, how do you break the addiction that the food marketers are desperate to keep you on? Here are a few important tips.
    7Days, Day 4: Eating Consciously


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