Regrow Food from Scraps

16 Foods you can Regrow from Scraps

Various plants, below, that you can use to regrow food from what you already have! Great way to recycle and SAVE, right?

Use the links below for more info on each vegetable and fruit.



Bok Choy

Cabbage: Same as celery

Carrot tops (this is a plant, the carrot itself will not re-grow)




Green Onions

Leeks: same as green onions


Lentil Sprouts


Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes


Romaine Lettuce: Same as celery


Gardening – One great reason why … and three ways to keep it super-simple!

Why garden?

That’s one great reason to try gardening … and then there’s money savings, taste, nutrition, and I could go on and on! However, I struggle with it for years until I realized the three things that made it workable for me (a crazy busy mom with a career or two going on).

1. Forego digging … forever. The best thing I ever did was buy my handheld tiller (I use this super-simple Mantis), which gets me to the fun part, faster. When I used to have to face down hours with the shovel, and the resulting clods of dirt/clay (I live in GA), I tended to put off planting until it was too late. Oh, and your back will thank you, too.

2. Select a manageable number of plants, and stick to those few. When I bought “a little of everything,” and just stuck it in the ground and hoped for the best, about half of it failed. Now, we stick to the 5 (for me, that’s the magic number) foods that my family loves the most in the summer, and then plant greens around them for the fall. You can always trade with friends who are growing other things, and supplement at the farmer’s market.

3. Use soaker hoses. Buy enough non-toxic hoses (here’s why) – once – to lay them down your rows of plants, and leave them there the whole growing season. Dragging a hose all around your garden is a daily … drag. Setting them up once is an hour or so project. After that, all you have to do is turn on the hose for a bit, and then remember to turn it off (set a timer if you’re anything like me).

That’s what helped me – hope it helps you get gardening this season!

From Jennifer Silverberg at and Please maintain link as you copy and share recipe with others!

Love those Vibrant Veggies!

Light and Vibrant Health

This weekend, when I was walking around my Farmer’s market, and then later around my local Whole Foods, it occurred to me that when I looked at fresh, local, farm produce, it nearly vibrated with light and vibrant health.  Early tomatoes glowed, eggplant shimmered, and cabbage was jumping out of its skin … and I immediately understood that they would have a similar effect on my health, the visible (skin, hair, energy) and the invisible parts (disease-fighting, hormonal balance, etc).

In contrast, nothing in a package even winked, they just kind of sat there.   Seemed kind of dead and desolate by comparison.

I know what I’m eating these days!  Check out my Vibrant Health Recipes page for vibrant veggie cooking inspiration!

Why I am in a Food Fight (against Junk!)

I will not stop ... until filling her with junk food is just as socially unacceptable as giving her a cigarette.

Why do we not give cigarettes to kids? Because while they may like the feeling for a moment, we know it will end badly.

Why do we not let them drive a car? Because while they may like the feeling for a moment, we know it will end badly.

Why do we not give them drugs? Because while they may like the feeling for a moment, we know it will end badly.

Why do we not send them off to school full of toaster pastries (candy disguised as breakfast?) Because while they may like the feeling for a moment, we know it will end badly.

Oh, how I wish that last one were true. But somehow our culture has slipped, we have lowered our collective bar, to the point where we don’t even think it’s odd any more to:

And when a parent tries to call foul on this bizarre behavior, he/she tends to be viewed as “extreme,” and to be hear they should “let kids be kids.”  OK, pass them a cigar – they may like that, too.

Instead, what if we could find a way to tune out the words of the food marketers (whose job it is to increase consumption of their brands – not to increase your health) … and to instead make independent, informed choices for what to feed our families and ourselves?

What would our meals look like?  What would our kids’ snacks look like?  And what would be the impact on our collective health?

I believe we can reverse the trend in child obesity rates, which have quadrupled, from 5 to 20% in the last 30 years, along with hospitalizations of children due to obesity complications.

I believe we can reverse the highly related Type 2 Diabetes crisis (healthcare costs of $110 billion in 2011, projected to rise to nearly $157 billion by 2017).

And, call me crazy, but I think this can and must happen quickly, overnight, even.  Let’s effect a culture shift that makes healthy choices the norm … the “default” behavior, and makes unhealthy choices uncomfortable.

If you are a parent, you can help be a driver of the shift.   Bring beautiful, healthy snacks and meals when called upon by your school.  Demonstrate that in-season fruit, water (maybe flavored with some fresh fruit?), and veggie snacks will be gobbled up as quickly as junk food, but with FAR better long-term results.  And at home, cook, or at least assemble!  If you start with whole ingredients like vegetables, grains, eggs, etc., and keep the focus more on vegetable sources, it is incredibly hard to make unhealthy meals.  It’s the so-called “convenience” foods that come pre-packaged, pre-measured, pre-sliced that are most dangerous to your family’s health.  Think:  making your own chips vs. buying them in bags.  You may have them from time to time, but the volume would be drastically reduced.

If you are an educator, make your classroom a “marketing central” for a healthy lifestyle.  Kids who look at appetizing pictures of fruits and veggies all day tend to choose and eat more of these foods at meals!  And for goodness sake, please ask parents to send only snacks that support health.

If you are a doctor or nurse, PLEASE don’t be afraid to suggest that families limit their foods to those made from fresh, whole ingredients.  It’s not “fringy” or “crunchy” … it’s based in science and just makes sense.  Years ago, a few words from a pediatrician helped call my attention to a dietary choice I was making (for “convenience”) that compromised my children’s health.  He made a huge impact on our lives.

If you are an influencer of others – and this includes all celebrities, athletes, journalists, bloggers, etc. – please wield your influence wisely.  Since you have to maintain high energy for your high-impact life, you probably already make awesome food and lifestyle choices.  Be public – very, very public – with them.

And whoever you are, for yourself, as you go through your day, ask yourself whether each food choice you’re about to make supports or damages your health.  If it is damaging, exercise this opportunity to hold yourself to a higher standard … to tell yourself a new story about your value, and what your body deserves by instead choosing foods that are healthy and life-affirming.

It really doesn’t take many good choices before they suddenly start to be the easy norm for you … and even those around you!

Oscar-Worthy Healthy Celebrations

The 2013 Academy Awards are tonight, February 24, 2013

The 2013 Academy Awards are tonight, February 24, 2013

Are you celebrating the Academy Awards with friends or family tonight?

Don’t use it as an excuse to blow your commitment to healthy eating … use it as an opportunity to introduce others to how DELICIOUS real food can be!  Wouldn’t you prefer that your friends remember your amazing Kale Quinoa Tabbouleh than remember a post-party pizza-wings-chips hangover?

And, healthy celebrations do NOT have to be boring – quite the contrary!  One of the best things about healthy foods is how beautiful they are.  Cheese and veggie platters can be virtual works of art … nature’s rainbow!  Imagine an hour into your party: contrast cold, congealed pizza with avocado chimichurri bruscetta or layered fiesta salad.

Need ideas?  Here are a few to get you started!

The fabulous Jamie Oliver has whipped up an Oscar-winning menu of ideas.

Healthy celebratory ideas from Frances Largeman-Roth, RD.

The even added some healthy “formal” cookies :-)

Fitness magazine has published a guide of the “10 Healthiest Party Foods.”